About Equotes

“Business and Charity combined! Let the eagle fly!

E-Quotes.co is managed by Crying Hearts NPC, a non-profit organization serving affiliated charities through fundraising initiatives. E-Quotes.co is our online Directory & Procurement Service, offering a platform for businesses and customers to liaise and consequently contribute to our fundraising drive. Herein, E-Quotes.co serves as a functional business platform, offering a 100% of all profits towards affiliated charities. We are therefore predominantly a fund raising charity and by law must provide a complete declaration to the public of how and on what funds are spend. Our transparency in this, is our strength. We want a better world, so we are using our strengths and industry experience to achieve it.

Businesses, customers and charities register for free. Businesses can then list and/or advertise at a very low donation fee – 100% of all profits on the donation fee goes to charity.

E-Quotes.co offers a user-friendly, multi-functional dashboard enabling the user to store their contacts, requested estimates or quotations/bids that you can easily compare, keep an up to date record of documents sent or received and a conversational track history per request plus so much more.

Note: Our deepest apologies! The listing page is not currently operational. Our developer is working on the issue, but please do register in the meantime… it’s free.

How do we raise funds?

The more businesses register, list and/ or advertise on E-Quotes, the more customers can access their products or services, the more funds are raised for our affiliated charities. Registering is free for businesses, customers and charities. When a business thereafter opts to list and advertise for a low donation fee, 100% of all profits of that donation fee goes towards listed charitable causes. Security reasons, the user information is only visible to the public once or if a listing is made.

How do we select recipient charities?

Registered users will have periodic voting opportunities to help their charity of choice benefit from funds raised. Eligibility for charities to appear on the voting roll and be selected as one of the periodic winners are:

  • legal charitable entity (winners will be verified)
  • listed on E-Quotes
  • recipient of at least the 3rd highest votes in said periodic voting session
  • not a recipient charity from the last two periodic votes

Crying Hearts NPC is not limited to any specific field of charity. We follow your lead, be it Cancer research, Children in Poverty, Human Trafficking and many more worthy causes. You direct Crying Heart NPC with regards to who we should donate funds to. In other words, registered voting users choose where the money goes.

What can you do next?

Register. Register. Register for FREE!

Future Developments: Watch the Space!

To provide users with a template to track their projects from the bidding phase to the final project completion, including a Project Management System (Cost system) that is currently being coded.